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DTheme, my new theme for pelican

DTheme, my new theme for pelican
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This is my first theme for Pelican. Some time ago, in a previous life of this site, I used Medius, a theme I find clean and elegant.
A few months ago I got back to work on an old template, with the idea of creating a fast and light theme, offering coverage for minimal SEO needs.
After several changes I released the 0.1 version of the theme, which you can find on github.

There are already several anomalies to review and new things to implement, but I decided to start by focusing on the features most important to me, and thene add the rest over time.
I will not describe the topic in depth now, I will only point out some of its characteristics and the main anomalies.

The main features

Things to fix

The plugins

I use different plugins, the two in the list are not necessary while the others have a more marked role:

Creating new content

To manage the creation of new content I use a python script, "new-html.py"", which generates an html file containing several tags, many of which are precompiled, together with some folders containing tha main images of the post.
It is important that the tags not handled by the script are filled manually.
The script accepts two options:

  1. the slug of the article, which must be entered with the format "title-example";
  2. the category of the article formatted "miscellaneous"; it has to be a category already in the pelicanconf file.

So the final command is "python new-file.py category-name article-title".

As a meta title, the script put the slug indicated during the creation phase, this is the first field you have to change.


I won't tell you how to compile the pelicaonf, I gave some indication in the readme on github and I think it makes more sense to improve that section, rather than create a new one here, which would be incomplete anyway.
This is a theme for Pelican still in its initial stage, I would like to make it a little more versatile, therefore suitable for more customizations, as well as reviewing some stylistc and technical aspetcs. But I think it can be a good start.

I hope it will be useful to someone. This is my first real public repository and I still need to get the hang of it.

Posts on Pelican, a static site generator which I currently use to manage this blog.

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