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Know your data

In my attempt to incentivize my blogging, I found sources talking about how visualizing habit trends could help achieve them. Here is one. All the fancy screenshots in the ClickUp post made me want to try something similar. Uglier.

In the perfect spirit of MVP, I decided to spend the little time available to create a Pelican plugin to store the data about my blogging activity into a DB and to visualize it with graphs.

Maybe I should say "graph" because it's just one. And it's ugly. Also, I decided to make the plugin create the chart without JavaScript to minimize external resources, following a minimalist development approach, which ended up making me waste more time than I had available.

The result is terrible, stats page, but it's even worse to see the trend in the number of my annual posts; I feel the need to write more.

Wait. It's already working. Amazing.

The plugin is not publicly shared yet; I have to refine it a little. I will write a post about that (+1 on the stats counter, yeah.)

One day my stats page will be like Jim Nielsen's. Thank you for inspiring me.

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