A year of unblogging

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Here we are, more than a year after my last post on this blog. Is not such a pity for the humanity, but I should work on it. Unfortunately my notebook suddenly died last year, and I have bought a new one just a couple of weeks ago.

I have been able to restore the blog; given that I was managing the blog files, I decided to upgrade Pelican to version 4.8, but I encountered some problems with some plugins. I spent the recent days trying to make it works, more or less.

While I was working on the blog, I decided to make a few improvements to the look and feel, managing some css style and fixing some bugs. I will write a post about the new version, to make it more clear and organized, and I will update the repo on github.
I lost some data about my Eva project, but actually I was in a very early stage and I can't even remember anything about my little achievements. I will look at this situation as an opportunity to go back and start again.

Now more than ever I see how time is the most precious resource. That's it for now, thanks for reading.

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