Moving the blog to Cloudflare Pages

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Sometimes (most of the time) I think I spend too much time working on the technical stuff of blogging instead of blogging.
I start writing a post, when I notice something wrong in the head of the template, like a missing meta tag that no one cares about, but it’s the moment you realize you must fix that before finishing the post.

One day it’s the missing tag, one day is a variable hardcoded and another one is the build process that requires activating a Cloudflare account to build the blog easily.
Before Cloudflare, I tried Amazon AWS (more for fun than for a necessity, but too much right now) and Github Pages; nice service, it also has a web analytics service privacy first.
I think that Cloudflare Pages could be an easy solution for lots of people: easy to set up, no effort to maintain with a built in analytics tool, if you like.

It also has super easy documentation specific for Pelican (what else?), setting everything up took me half an hour.
Web analytics seems to be a good solution, with no fingerprinting tracking, and a simple dashboard, but with enough information to provide a good understanding of how users enjoy our websites. Don’t expect to get a full web analytics platform, but a good basic one with metrics like top hostnames, URLs, countries, and other critical metrics like status codes.
Anyway, at the time of writing, I decided to leave it deactivate.
Mmm, maybe I wrote enough, it’s time to go back to tech fixes, code improvements, and whatever.

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